A partnership approach and firm commitment to working with our clients in offering customized solutions.

Citysecurefund has taken full advantage of its independence and stability in its development as a respected center for international finance.

Dedicated legislation has been enacted and refined in order to best meet the wealth-management requirements of clients in the fields of banking, international business corporations, limited liability companies. In 2004, legislation was introduced governing insurance, mutual funds and foundations.

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Together with our client service teams, our technology professionals, consisting of developers, business analysts, and data scientists, ensure our platform is aligned with industry standards and with your strategic goals and objectives.

What Do We Offer

Citysecurefund always has your back.


The Citysecurefund is truly independent. With no operations outside Citysecurefund, the bank is responsible for its own policy and practice.

Stability and Security

Citysecurefund has a long history of political and economic stability. Its parliamentary and legal systems are based upon British models of government and common law.


The Citysecurefund offers an outstanding opportunity for clients to benefit from the advantages of a jurisdiction which promotes privacy, discretion and integrity and a bank with the specialist knowledge to operate to the highest levels of sophistication in the provision of wealth-management services.


Under The Confidential Relationships Act of 1985, the unauthorized disclosure of information to any third party is strictly prohibited.

Easy Banking

Take control of your financial life.

Bank In US, New York For Your Financial Security.

Best Offshore Banking.

  • Enjoy easy access to your accounts while providing a private and secure residence for your assets outside your home country.
  • A zero tax regime, and is now the leading International Jurisdiction for banking in US.
  • With a 24% liquidity rate you can feel safe when your money is with Citysecurefund and you will have the opportunity to invest in new markets that are not accessible in the USA.

When You Want to Build A Better Financial Future for Yourself!

Easily Open an Offshore Bank Account

  • Citysecurefund operates similarly to a digital online bank, which means that an application for account opening is a straightforward process, and can be facilitated from anywhere the world.
  • By eliminating the costs typically associated with traditional brick-and-mortar retail banks, enables us to offer great rates and outstanding customer service to all our clients.
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Become A Part Of A Unique Financial Institution

We believe that the quality of any company is directly linked to its key personnel, and the work you do at the bank will have a direct effect not only on the business but the community as well. At Citysecurefund, you will make a lasting impact!


Our Services

Join our global community and get access to a better way to manage your money

Account Interest

Your interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly into a nominated bank account of your choosing.

Competitive Rates

Make your hard-earned money work better for you by opening an international bank account with Citysecurefund.

Your Savings Bank

Move your savings to Citysecurefund , and get more for your money with our great interest rates.

Choose Flexibility

Whether you want instant transfers, access to your money or to choose the term of your term deposit, we’ve got an account to suit you.

Minimum Balance

Make your hard-earned money work better for you by opening an international bank account with Citysecurefund


Select the currency which works for you, and Citysecurefund offers five different multicurrency bank accounts in: USD, EUR &amd; GBP.

Anonymous business Offshore bank account

Our Corporate & Institutional Banking services take advantage of our global network, offering lending products and other innovative finance solutions for companies with complex international operations.

Instant offshore bank account

We offer a comprehensive suite of cash management and trade financing solutions that help you manage your company cash flow and maximise your returns.

Open Offshore bank account

Thanks to our global network, we specialise in cross-border financing solutions once you begin to expand your business into new markets. The sky's the limit.

Financial markets

Everything you need to make the most of opportunities in global financial markets. From capital markets and commodities to foreign exchange, rates and credit.

Business protection - Crypto offshore bank accounts

Our range of hedging and insurance products is specially designed to protect your business from market volatility, and help you manage the unexpected.

Help to expand

Whether you're moving to a larger office or buying equipment, we can help unlock your company's potential with a number of loan options and credit facilities.

Award-Winning Banking

We are in the business of helping you improve the quality of your financial affair.

Account & Deposit




Guidance & Support

2M+ people already use Citysecurefund for their everyday banking needs


We assist clients in new business formation worldwide in many jurisdictions, investments, M&A, debit cards, bank reference letters, and 24/7 online banking.


Citysecurefund not only has a “fortress” balance sheet but also offers sophisticated, multicurrency global Capital Market execution. We provide access to stock markets around the world and global investment services.


Citysecurefund solidifies trust and loyalty with our worldwide clients through secure banking systems, offering a wide range of services and dedicated customer support.